Bachelor of Commerce

What is the Bachelor of Commerce course? is one of the most sought courses after 12th. It has the duration of 3 years divided into 6 semesters. The course covers a number of subjects during its study period. B.Com mainly focuses on Accounts, Mathematics and Economics. Bachelor of commerce offers understanding in Accounting, Economics, Business Law, Taxation, Insurance and Management.

The Bachelor of Commerce program prepares you for a career in accounting, banking, financial management, information systems and management.

Job opportunities exists right after the programme. Jobs for B.Com graduates exists in India as well as in abroad. After completion of B.Com, you can apply in any organization for the post of accountant. Every company requires accountant to keep track the profit and loss of their company. Other than accountant, there are many career options in this field.

It has various scope such as:
* Financial Services
* Banking
* Business
* Industry
* Management
* Business Services
* The law
* Hotel Management
* Public Works

Stand out from the competition always.

A high concentration of talented faculty members, researchers and students and highly developed infrastructure is considered to be our backbone.

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