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IEC School of Business Management & Commerce offers both UG & PG courses. Both the programs have industry oriented curriculum. The School aims at developing student’s intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate mix of business and general education. The various activities in the forms of Seminars Guest Lectures, PD & GD classes, Communication Lab & project work help the student in understanding and developing the unique leadership qualities required for becoming a successful manager. The School’s objective is to produce up-to-date, assertive and effective executives for business and other organizations.

We strive to teach the broader picture of the organization, as well as the organization’s and the individuals place in the larger society. Along with teaching functional and industry-specific skills, we also explore the ethical, global, and social responsibility considerations of managerial decisions.IEC University faculty members have a very collaborative spirit, and that’s reflected in both our research and in the classroom. We team teach a lot of classes to bring a range of expertise into the room.

To impart knowledge through innovative research driven academic programs and building leaders in management and Commerce who will best serve echonomy of the nation.

“MBA, BBA & B.COM Programs Provides an Integrated Set of Learning for Students Interested in Mastering the Skills & Knowledge Necessary for Effectively Participating in & Managing Organizations.”


Teaching Methodology
The teaching methodology adopted at the School of Business management and Commerce is intensive as well as extensive classroom teaching involving active participation of the students. Theoretical classroom teaching is supplemented by research project work. It also includes preparation of project reports, project presentation, submission of assignments, seminars.

Message from HOD

Dear Student,

The objective of IEC School of Business Management & Commerce is to impart quality education in the field of management. Its faculty strives to equip young people to make meaningful contributions to an economy that is increasingly becoming a significant entity in the global area.

Department’s vision has been to excel in the field of management education. This can largely be attributed to the periodic redefining of its mission to align itself with the changing times, while maintaining focus on social responsiveness. This is being achieved using a judicious mix of faculty having substantial academic and industry experience as well as young faculty members having a flair for teaching.

Students in the management department are provided with the best possible enabling environment that must be expected from the corporate with the curricula that can be benchmarked with the leading institutions in the field. IEC uses rigorous and intensive integrated teaching methods to prepare the students to take up business and managerial positions in any environment. Through innovative techniques we aim to provide our students with a foray of creativity and out of the box thinking. We understand the competitive levels along with the need for adaptation to the fast paced corporate world, and strive to prepare our students accordingly.

I am confident that our “Valuable education with intensive techniques” will help to create tomorrow’s ready to use managers.

Best Wishes

IEC School of Business Management & Commerce


  • Project Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Budget Analyst
  • Finance Officer
  • Financial Manage
  • Financial Planner
  • Investment Banker
  • Branding Specialist
  • Advertising Executive
  • Public Relations Specialist,
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Account
  • Online marketers (Startup online business)
  • Teaching profession such as assistant professor/associate professor/ professor.

Faculty –School of Management & Commerce

Name of faculty






Ms. Preeti Thakur

Head of Department & Assistant Professor


9 years

Mr. Manoj Kumar

Assistant Professor

MCA, MBA, M. Phil in Management, PhD (Pursuing)

3 years 5 months

Ms Divya Thakur

Assistant Professor

MBA (Pursuing Ph.D)

8 Years

Ms. Rafiya Malik

Assistant Professor


5 years

Mr. Gaurav Gogna

Assistant Professor


2 years 11 months (College) 8 months (Senior School)


Ms. Prerna Malhotra

Assistant Professor


6 months (College) 3 years 7 months (School)



Ms. Preeti Thakur
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Mr. Manoj Kumar
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Infrastructure & Facilities

IEC University, established under THE IEC (INDIA EDUCATION CENTRE) UNIVERSITY (ESTBLISHMENT AND REGULATION) ACT, 2012 is a venture of already well-established IEC Group of Institutions spread over 100 acres of land in Northern India. We are based in Baddi, an industrial town in Himachal Pradesh, located around 32 Kms from Chandigarh. Our 14.5 acres of sprawling campus situated against the backdrop of beautiful Shivalik Mountains offers safe and attractive environment to study with the best quality resources and facilities. Our University aims to deliver multi-disciplinary world class education through effective and efficient processes so as to make it accessible to all sections of society. Ours is a vibrant, multicultural, multiethnic campus promoting a culturally pluralistic environment.

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IEC University has a well-equipped library comprised of text and reference books, journals, periodicals, magazines and newspapers related to journalism profession. Thousand of books and magazine related to the field of journalism and mass communication are available for students and staff remembers. The University also provides computer facility to its students with internet connectivity and latest software along with a collection of different equipments related to the field of Journalism. Liberty has unique Air Conditioned and Natural light sections where students can sit according to their convenience and comfort.

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Extensive Digital Library
Beautifully designed Digital Library has over 30,000 books, 100 journals and magazines on different subjects. It has a seating capacity to accommodate 200 students with cubicles for faculty and research students. It also has subscription to national & international-journals like IEEE/IEE, Springer, ACM, ASCE Emerald Management Xtra through membership of INDEST Consortia of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (an active member of Developing Library Network (DELNET) for resource sharing).

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Computing Facilities
250 Pentium-IV workstations running on Windows 2010, Windows XP Pro, Linux and SCO Unix. All classrooms and offices are operational with 24x7 Internet connectivity at the speed of 150 Mbps leased line. Classroom and conference room fitted with LCD projection facilities and LAN. Common Computer lab is equipped with 600 systems for common purpose. Separate computer lab for each school and department with specialized software are also available.

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Wi- fi Enabled Modern Classroom:
School of Humanities and Social Sciences has wi-fi enabled modern class rooms enabling uninterrupted access to high speed internet 24x7. Outfitted with the latest technology, spacious classrooms equipped with all the necessary presentation facilities and also have video conferencing facility. Special classroom and conference room is fitted with LCD projection facilities and LAN. Lectures are typically augments by multimedia.

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Other facilities for the students
Hostel Facility: - Students desirous of availing hostel facility may apply to the concerned authority of School of Humanities and Social Sciences , IEC University at the time of admission to the course. Students availing hostel facility shall have to pay hostel charges and security separately in addition to fee and other charges as per norms fixed by the Government of Himachal Pradesh from time to time. The hostel accommodation shall be allotted strictly on merit basis, subject to availability. top university  for bba top university  for bba

Bus Facility: - Students desirous of availing bus facility may apply to the concerned authority of IEC University at the time of admission to the course. Students availing bus facility shall have to pay transport charges as per IEC University Rules. top university  for bba

Gymnasium Facility: - Students desirous of availing this facility may apply to the concerned authority/ In charge of IEC University. Students availing this facility shall have to pay nominal charges as decided by the IEC University. top university  for bba

Sports and NSS Facilities: IEC University has its own play ground within the campus and University organizing various sports activities round the clock throughout the year as per University schedule. IEC University has one unit of NSS.
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Health Centre: IEC University has its own health Centre within the campus. top university  for bba

Canteen: - IEC University has its own Multi- cuisine canteen within the campus, spread over an area of 10,000 square feet with modern cooking appliances. Can accommodate 400 students at a single point of time. top university  for bba

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