Master of Science Computer Science

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Master of Science Computer Science

What is Master of Science Computer Science?

The Masters in Computer Science (MSc-CS) offered at IEC School of Computer Application is a 2 yr postgraduate course. The course provides more specialized training and equips students to work as programmers, system analysts and managers in IT industries.IEC School of Computer Applications aims to produce the best of IT professionals and the BCA, MCA and MSc-CS courses are designed according to the requirements of today’s industry.There are many exciting jobs opportunities for MSc qualified.Students can find jobs easily in government and private sector, software development, database management, designing application on both web and mobile, etc. This specialization will help find better jobs in that respective fields.

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Why choose Master of Science Computer Science?

After M.Sc. Degree in Computer Science, M.Phil. There are many research degree options available in Indian universities. In Computer Science which is best given in universities.

  • Students can also choose Ph.D. Indian Institute of Science or Ph.D. Computer science is available in such institutes. In the application available at Computer Science and NIIT
  • Computing applications and their importance for their lifestyle, have expanded rapidly and gained importance over the years.
  • M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Services, Network Engineers and more. Computer science jobs are open to graduates after completing the course.

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